present active infinitive of iactō. Show declension of iactare. iactāre. Automatic translation: iactare. Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (1) se iactare. boast, brag, show off, swank.


Ausus quin etiam voces iactare per umbram, implevi clamore vias; maestusque Creusam. nequiquam ingeminans iterumque iterumque vocavi. Quaerenti, et tectis urbis sine fine furenti. infelix simulacrum, atque ipsius umbra Creusae. visa mihi ante oculos, et nota maior imago. Obstupui, steteruntque comae, et vox faucibus haesit.

iactāre. Automatic translation: iactare. Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (1) se iactare. boast, brag, show off, swank. Kontrollera 'iactare' översättningar till svenska.

Iactare latin

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back online. Free translation from Latin and into Latin with examples. Latin online translator iactare · mitto · conicio · iactus · lanceare · projicere · abicio  Tempestas navem iactare incepit usque adeo ut omnes in scapham confugerent. Siamo spiacenti, per oggi hai superato il numero massimo di 15 brani Project Gutenberg's Helps to Latin Translation at Sight, by Edmund Luce This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at Contectus nulli dextra iactare reliquit. 197, 318 (and 316-18n.) vidi.

Start studying latin virgil's aeneid II 768-775. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more ausus quin etiam voces iactare per umbram. in fact even more I dared to hurl 

fluctuare, gunga. Vad betyder uttrycken? Vad heter djuren på latin i nominativ singularis?

Iactare latin

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Iactare (throw) frumentum iactant Jupiter! 16 Dec 2019 Rhea cum deae et dei; Jupiter amat Io! Pugnamus Jupiter! Jupiter ad caelum; Est periculum in caelo! Iactare (throw) frumentum iactant Jupiter!

Iactare latin

etw . beschäftigen , sich betätigen ( in u. Abl o. bl. Abl ) [ in causis centumviralibus; in re publica; forensi labore ] How to say iactare in Latin? Pronunciation of iactare with 1 audio pronunciation and more for iactare.
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Iactare latin

Aktiv, Passiv. 1.

djärvhet, fräckhet.
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1690s, "to sprout or spurt forth, shoot out," from French jeter "to throw, thrust," from Late Latin iectare (abstracted from deiectare, proiectare, etc.), in place of Latin iactare "to toss about," frequentative of iacere "to throw, cast," from PIE root *ye- "to throw, impel."

Habent servi servos suos. Quieta  The baroque Neo-Latin language Sophia Brenner indulged in has a tendency to rub off The quotation above is found under the heading “Iactare sua opera”. historisk betydelse, t ex latin, grekiska, sanskrit, maya, eller sådana som fr. chanter < cantare, jeter < iactare, eng. reject< reiectare substantiven sv.

Latin Verb . iactāre. present active infinitive of iactō; second-person singular present passive imperative of iactō; second-person singular present passive indicative of iactō

← zseni · zsibbad →. Close. A témában további  Bjarkamál is an Old Norse poem from around the year 1000.

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